Tescowatch (an occasional series)

good story from today’s Guardian:

It sounds crazy to question the future of Britain’s most powerful retailer when it accounts for more than one in every eight pounds spent by UK consumers, but the next six months could see significant efforts to clip its wings.

Next month, a report from an all-party group of MPs into the future of the high street is likely to recommend an end to below-cost pricing of key goods, and curbs to stop supermarkets in general, and Tesco in particular, buying more convenience stores. The recommendations will be closely watched by the Department of Trade and Industry, which appears sympathetic to the anti-Tesco bandwagon.

we can but hope …

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  1. Did you ever see that Dispatches investigation (two parter) about the various ways the big supermarkets are fleecing both farmers and consumers? Made for alarming viewing.

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