Tescowatch (an occasional series)

A deer hunter who took his photographs to a supermarket for processing was shocked to find himself reported to police.

Although the sport is legal, Tesco gave his details to officers who questioned him for several hours. […] Tesco has no ban on photographs of shooting and its privacy policy says: “We will never pass your personal data to anyone else”, but it contacted the police without telling Mr Williams.

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2 thoughts on “Tescowatch (an occasional series)”

  1. Before the advent of digital photography, the police called regarding some Media drugs awarenes posters involving notes and talcum powder by the local photo processing place. I’d always thought it was standard practice for anything they think might be illegal.

    I find it more disturbing that there are people who revel in and take souveneir shots of such activities, and I’m far more worried about Tesco’s stace on animal welfare issues in China myself.

  2. Perhaps we should all innundate Tescos with pictures of people with toy guns, people pretending to be dead and lots of ketchup everywhere?

    Ketchup’s not illegal either, is it?

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