that census meme

2011: living in mortgaged 2 bedroomed (but reasonably sized) urban terraced house in Kingston-upon-Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with husband Pete and five cats. Working as a web developer in our own small webdev business.

2001: living in rented 3 bedroomed (but too small) 1970s terraced house in Long Ashton, just outside Bristol, with (I think) eight cats.[edit: no – it was nine!] Married to and working with Pete as above.

1991: single mum living in mortgaged small terrace house in Great Yarmouth, working with first husband in small bespoke accounting software and network installing company (which we started after we divorced in 1985!).

1981: stay at home mum living in mortgaged large terraced house remarkably like this one, but split into three bedrooms upstairs, in Leicester. Was working on Saturdays at BHS as a supervisor. Two cats, I think.

1971: living in Perth, Scotland, with alcoholic single father in MoD 4 bedroom detached house of grandeur and deep unhappiness. Although I might have been at my convent boarding school on the day; that was full of grandeur and deep unhappiness too.

1961: living in rented 3 bedroom mansion flat inFitzgeorge Avenue, West Kensington, London with two deeply unhappy parents who loathed each other. The memories are still strong. I think I was at St Paul’s prep school then – they really did have ideas above their station and budget.

Was not even a twinkle in 1951, but as you can see, I am Very Old.

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  1. I’ve always felt the lack of a question about the number of cats in a household a sorry failing.

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