the next stage

I went last week to be stabbed by the phlebotomist at the surgery, and then yesterday to hear what the results indicated. As requested, I took a urine sample in a little bottle that the diabetic nurse gave me a few months ago, but sadly it turned out to be the wrong little bottle, so I had to decant it into the right little bottle. Madness – a sample is a sample, surely?

My levels are improved – down from 9.7% to 8.9%, which the doctor said was very good, but not good enough, and they need to be below 7%, so metformin it is. However, clearly the doc has listened to my concerns, because she said I needed to take it, and she was going to prescribe the slow release version, which is easier to adjust to, apparently (if this is so, I’m bloody glad she did, because my stomach this morning feels as though a cyclone is going through it!).┬áThis is just a starting dose, so another set of tests in six weeks, already booked.

I’m quite pleased with the results, actually, as I’ve not been as careful with my diet as I should, and I’ve had very little exercise what with dark mornings, winter, a 5 week viral infection, etc, so possibly when the spring comes I can get my levels down again. We shall see.