The Northern Lights were in my mind

Bridlington south beach

There were rumours that the solar flares could cause Northern Lights in the sky as far south as Yorkshire last night, so Pete and I decided to drive up the coast a way and see if we could see them.

We went to Bridlington, and the sky was clearing all the way there. We parked up and went for a stroll up to North Beach, and were sidetracked by the menu at Jerome’s – they had a burger with mozarella, blue cheese and mushrooms! We stopped, ordered one for me, and a Texan burger for Pete. Disappointing – the burger itself was very nice, but the bun was a bit stale, and the cheese and mushrooms were very spartan indeed.

We wandered back, walked along the harbour wall, then down South Beach for an hour or so – lovely evening, but still a lot of cloud, and it wasn’t really beginning to get properly dark at approaching 10 p.m. So we came home.

Apparently there were no lights in the sky last night anyway, but we had a lovely evening out, so that’s alright!