the three things meme

Post 3 things you’v done that you believe nobody else on your F-list has done:

  1. Been on a nuclear submarine
  2. Run a business with my ex-husband – we started it after we were divorced
  3. Had Russ Conway and Petula Clarke at my christening

Not that exciting really, now I come to review it …

5 thoughts on “the three things meme”

  1. You’re making me feel guilty now, because when I took over my current job (2 1/2 years ago) they said ‘we should sort out a visit to the nuclear submarines for you’ and I said ‘oh yes’ and never followed it up.

    I’ve made a little note.

      1. Me too, as long as you count nuclear-armed rather than nuclear-powered – although since the sub in question is now a museum (the USS Growler, now moored off New York City), I suspect it may no longer have nukes on-board…

  2. I suspect the same company that put you on a nuclear submarine was the one that offered me the chance 😉

    I’ve been on a couple of submarines since, albeit not underwater 😉

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