the weekend

the weekend started badly, really … detritus, our linux development and staging server, got overheated during the day on Friday, and we rebooted him. Some time between 8 and 10 on Friday evening, he crashed. Would he reboot?

of course not.

so perlmonger spent Saturday in the server room back bedroom, cannibalising bits of machines together. He decided to take the opportunity to upgrade the rather ancient and venerable version of Linux on the box, and is now up to his oxters in building and configuring things.

I whizzed over to Asda on Saturday afternoon while the foopball was on – the roads were deserted, as was the store. This World Cup is not altogether a bad thing.

a break was taken yesterday to trundle to Cirencester for lunch and natterings with landsmand and valkyrie_k, who provided us with a fabulous carpaccio salad with sundry multiple accompaniments, and then a humungous cheeseboard. A very jolly time was had by all.

Iggy has a poorly ear, and has been to the vet for a jab; also, antibiotic pills have to be perpetrated. He’s been very miz indeed, and we managed to get yesterday’s pills down him easily. This morning, he wasn’t having *any* of it, so is presumably on the mend. I have no idea how to get pills down a strong male Bengal cat who doesn’t want them, so I suspect it’ll be back to the vet for another jab. More expense – it’ll have to come out of his pocket money.

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    1. I haven’t read that in years, although it’s on the shelves downstairs …

      I’m not sure it’ll help, though 🙂

  1. With a name like Detritus, he’s bound to get stupid in the heat.

    Pilling cats: Cream Cheese? As advertised in cix:cats/12general somewhere, I think.

    Which reminds me that we should give Jasper & Smokey treats on general principles sometime soon…

      1. he’s not fussed about Marmite. And now he regards everything we offer him with suspicion, of course.

        I really think the vet is a better option, but we’ll see how he goes.

      2. have i mentioned the marmite like Defurrum we have for our beasts? and the time i was ill and asked himslef to put some on a paw if he couldn’t got it in the cat’s mouth. and he bethought himself of buttering the cat’s paws and put the brown, sticky, evil gunk on the *underneath* of her paw – so she just walked it all round the kitchen…

    1. of course – we shall build a Pork Futures warehouse immediately.

      Iggy is way too clever – and suspicious – to be taken in by such wiles as cream cheese. And sadly, there are very few treats he likes, apart from waffer thin chicken, which doesn’t disguise the “palatable pill” (oh how we laughed).

  2. I strongly advise asking for a tub of “Mobility Support” (aka “fishy num-nums), as pills can be disguised with great success, I have found. It’s an arthritis supplement for dogs, but Teasle can’t read, so he doesn’t know…

  3. Wandered over from Cooking.

    I have a large cat, too, who doesn’t like taking pills. I sit on him.

    No, seriously. I grab him on a smooth floor, and pin his shoulders to the floor, while I put my knees one each side of his head, cross my feet behind his bottom and *sit.* One hand under his chin, with finger and thumb prising the jaws open. And then pill in to the back of the throat. If I get it back far enough, gag reflex does the rest. Of course, often I don’t and the pill goes off one way, cat disappears under the sofa and we have to start again.

    But, the sitting bit worked so I thought I’d share.

    1. well, it’s a thought 🙂 But I don’t much fancy the “prising the jaws open” bit with Iggy!

      [cat in icon Is Not Him]

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