the Xantia is dead, long live the Saab

perlmonger‘s car died. We got the MOT failure report this morning, and it was worse than we thought – suspension, ABS and electrics, just for a start. Simply not worth fixing for an N reg vehicle.

we mulled things over. We consulted Autotrader to see what was about. We didn’t want to buy anything new, and we didn’t have much money (but thankfully 1200 quid came in unexpectedly this morning – we’re busy, but cashflow is vile ATM). But we wanted something that was a bit different.

and there it was. A 1991 Saab 900 Aero. With a proper tow bar bike rack. And leather seats, and aircon. In BLACK. In Bristol.

we phoned. It wasn’t sold. He gave us the Ebay details.

we rang our tame garage to see if it was a good buy – they thought so. Fair price, and easy to maintain. One of their mechanics had just sold one, so they knew them well.

we arranged to go and see it this afternoon. We took it out. It went vroom in a satisfying way. It has class and style. It’s BLACK.

we bought it. We are pleased.


12 thoughts on “the Xantia is dead, long live the Saab”

  1. Mmm! Lovely. We have a SAAB 900, but ours is red. Fab car and well worth what we paid for it. (£700) SO comfy and quiet and oof! can it go when it wants.

    1. I’m *really* chuffed with it. It’s not run of the mill, and if we look after it, I wouldn’t be at all surprised it if starts appreciating in value in a year or two.

        1. oh – so it’s “my Saab is bigger than your Saab”, is it?

          I spit (metaphorically) on your 9000.

          it’d be good to meet you – so bring it on 🙂

  2. unfortunately….

    ….Your seller has fiddled with the title somewhat. It’s not an Aero and probably won’t appreciate (much, if at all).

    What it is though, is a very nice looking Classic 900 and properly looked after it should give you plenty of fun on the roads.

    1. Re: unfortunately….

      well, whoever you are, I’m not sure you’re right. Certainly the UK insurance database has it down as an Aero.

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