there's always a way

I stepped out of the house for just 15 minutes yesterday (there was a crisis in the wine rack, so I popped up to the wonderful local offy to replenish the white wine stocks at about 7 p.m.).

and when I returned, there was a copy of PagePlus 11 pushed through the letterbox. This has presumably been delivered by Geoff, the head honcho of the local bit of the local party organisation; he said he would drop it off, and I said I didn’t run Windows, and would do what they needed in something else. I suspect desperation set in – he probably lurked outside the door until he saw me go out …

except of course, I do run Windows, sort of – I have to, because so many other people do. I run:

  • an RDC connection to our W2KAS server, which only gives me 256 colours, but as all I want it for is Ameol (for CIX, which is text only), and a quick CSS sanity check on IE6, it’s perfectly adequate, and quite quick
  • and a couple of Virtual PCs on this dual 2.5Ghz G5, one for the accounts and IE6, and one for IE7. But quick they ain’t – roll on a) the decent Mac Intel desktops, and b) the money to buy one. The latter will be the delaying factor, I fear.

still, one must look on these things as a challenge. So PagePlus is now installed on an XP Pro running in a VMWare virtual machine on detritus, our Linux server, and I am accessing it via RDC.

and even better than that, I found a little gadget from which allows me to run multiple instances of RDC, which is Simply Fab.

perhaps I’ll tell them all this at the meeting on Monday – that should make their brains implode, don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “there's always a way”

  1. “sanity check … IE6”

    nope. still doesn’t compute ;-p

    “make their brains implode”

    Be prepared for a major clean-up operation afterwards!

  2. multiple instances of RDC

    I’ve done that for years simpy by having multiple copies of the Remote Desktop Connection executable named Remote Desktop Connection 2, Remote Desktop Connection 3 etc.

  3. I’m very much into Parallels at the moment. In an ideal world my home desktop box would be FreeBSD 6.1 with XP Pro under Parallels… nicer and much faster than vmware!

    1. Re: OLR

      I have 2Gb worth of messages (many marked) in Ameol, and some go back well over 10 years. The thought of moving them into anything else fills me with horror.

      as a web developer, I *have* to have Windows available to me all the time, so I stick with Ameol.

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