this is important, folks

do you know what our elected leaders are up to? Do you think it’s necessary for the Post Office, and the Food Standards Agency, and any local council, to see what web sites you’ve visited and what e-mails you’ve written?

well, they, and a whole load of other government departments (there’s a list here) will be able to do just that. There’s a lot of stuff being perpetrated by the authorities on the back of September 11, but I really do fail to see why, e.g., the Food Standards Agency should be allowed to know what I’ve been doing on the web. And all without the need or restraint of any court orders.

everyone, fax your MP – I’ll do the same, but Dr Liam Fox already has me marked down as a dangerous subversive, I fear, after I wrote and asked him if he was in favour of sending British troops to Afghanistan …

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