ticking the boxes

I have:

  • cancelled Virgin Media phone and broadband, and BT phone, and ADSL
  • done the change of address for British Gas (EDF can be done when we do the final reading)
  • cancelled the direct debit for the water rates (we owe them £17)
  • cancelled the Council Tax direct debit here (they owe us £75 – yay!) and informed Hull Council that we are moving in. £360 per year saving *there*, which is nice.
  • organised phone and broadband from Karoo (the only supplier in Hull) – £43 per month, as opposed to the £125 we’re paying now for comms, although it’ll only be one line. Still, it has a fixed IP, and a 75Gb allowance, and unmetered overnight, so that’ll do the backups from the web servers without impinging. Maddeningly, you cannot put your KC phone number *anywhere* as advertising (including our own web site) without paying the business rate, which I think is execrable.
  • Rented a big van for Monday, when we will take up as much stuff as we can – books, kitchen equipment, etc – and fit the catflaps, and so forth. Not bad – £70 from Enterprise for 2 days. And empty the self store unit, before they charge us another heap of money.
  • Organised the lorry – 3.5 tonne with tail lift. £75 per day, for 2 days. Also not bad.
  • Bought a dog cage for the junior cats to stay in while we pack and move, and for them to travel in. Iggy and Mustrum are booked into a cattery for 48 hours, as I suspect they’d simply leg it if they saw their life being packed into a lorry
  • Completed the forms for post redirection, which I will take up to the post office today, with all the sundry pieces of paper they need for ID

Now then – what have I *forgotten* ?

9 thoughts on “ticking the boxes”

  1. Given a friends recent experience: Keep copies of your last bills confirming you paid everything.

    Pack an overnight/first night box & remember teaspoons and a can opener as well as coffee/tea/hotchocolate+2mugs plus favored cat-toy/blanket + food dishes.

    On arrival locate akaway menu & pin somewhere easy to find when you are tired, hungry & dirty.

    1. Thanks – I have a google doc with all that sort of stuff in it, and we’re going up a few days before with a van, so all of that will be on it. I even bought a cheap kettle from Sainsburys so there can be tea at both ends.

      Me being me, I have cooked a huge casserole for the night we arrive (as we will have three friends helping) – it’s in the freezer now, and can go in the oven when we arrive.

  2. Check the electrickery/gas in the new place is connected.
    Organise TV service if required.
    Put kettle/tea/mugs/wine/emergency rations/a couple of plates and cutlery and KEYS in a box in the car/front of lorry for fast retrieval.
    Leave cleaning gear/hoover in a convenient corner for cleaning up when the furniture has gone.
    Take enough cash to get a takeaway on your first night so you don’t have to unpack to cook something.

    I don’t envy you at all. I’ve done all this far too many times and I’d rather not do it again any time soon thankyouverymuch!

    1. Cheers – TV is Freeview. I will check that Gavin is leaving the electricity on.

      We are taking a van up on Monday, which will have a set of plates, cutler, kettle, etc. I have made a big casserole which is in the freezer, ready to feed everyone that night. I think we’re sorted.

      Except that we *still* don’t have ANY FUCKING KEYS.

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