to the Bridge!

Despite doing almost eight miles on the bike early yesterday morning, a fit of madness induced me to suggest to Pete that we went out for a ride last night, down to the Humber Bridge to see if I could actually cycle across it. I suffer from vertigo, and was worried that the railings might be too low for me to be brave.

We set off at about 6.30, and not too far into the journey, I realised that I’d left my bike lights behind – I’m really not quite organised enough yet to remember all the things I need when I’m cycling – so we knew we couldn’t be too late back. We went by a fairly direct route, and going along Boothferry Road was hard work – it’s a long slow hill, and I’m not used to hills! I got off and pushed for the last bit, I confess.

The signposts took us a most circuitous route through the country park, with another hillish bit, but it’s a lovely ride, and had I not already been out that morning, I’m sure I could have managed it all. And the bridge looks quite navigable, even to someone of a vertigo persuasion, so one weekend soon we’ll do that and go and have a mooch around Barton on Humber on the other side.

We came back through Hessel, and stopped at the Weir Bar for something to eat. We sat outside, and had excellent burgers, nicely served on wooden platters, with the chunkiest chips I ever did see. I had a bottle of Bud, which I didn’t even finish (nor the meal – too full, and have learned to stop then), and Pete a pint of Staropramen. Then we cycled home, just making it before it would have been really too dark without lights, and I made it over the Hessel Road flyover – without going right down to first gear too 🙂

So that was just under 20 miles yesterday, and I can really feel it in my stomach muscles. Having a day off exercise today 🙂

Runkeeper’s iframe embedded map is breaking, but here’s a link.