to the west!

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On Saturday, we set off bright and early, at the crack of about 11 a.m. (after a cooked breakfast), to the wilds of West Yorkshire. We started at Cleckheaton, the home of the Music Room, who could look at Betsy’s sticky keys. And indeed they did, and didn’t charge me a penny!* I was well chuffed, and promised them a packet of chocolate hobnobs when I next returned. I also got a chance to look at some [cough] rather more expensive melodea, and Pete had a strum on a 12 string guitar priced at a bargain £1700 or so. We left it there.

From there we progressed to Hebden Bridge, somewhere we’d never visited. It’s a bit like the Bradford-upon-Avon of Yorkshire, I think – lots of very expensive and quite twee shops, but a pretty little place. I bought a grey cardigan and a purple skirt in a charity shop, some organic firelighters from an organic shop, Pete bought me a pretty necklace for a tenner, and I got a beautiful skein of recycled sari silk – I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it was just so pretty, so it has become the start of my yarn stash.

Next up – Ikea. We consumed our usual meatballs, and Pete had a sulkette as they are now serving mashed spud rather than boiled. Then we looked at dining chairs (ours are just too big and bulky, so are going on eBay), managed to miss the curtain area altogether so didn’t get a curtain rail for the bathroom, bought 12 cheap wineglasses, a couple of xmassy things to send to Clare for Harry, and two new baby rats for the rats’ nest (some bamboo twigs containing a variety of Ikea pluth rats). Then back to Hull, to see Karine Polwart at Fruit.

About half way home, I started feeling really quite poorly, with nasty stomach cramps, and spent a fair bit of the gig in the loos. Still worth it – lovely set, beautiful vocals from her, her brother and Inge Thomson, who plays the accordion like nobody else I’ve ever heard.  Didn’t sleep well either, so was a bit droopy on Sunday. I think it might be down to a change in medication – was on Glucophage, then a couple of months ago the pharmacist gave me something else, and now back on Glucophage, so could just be an adjustment.

So I cooked Sunday lunch (roast pork), potted up the baskets, window boxes and tubs with the cyclamen and pansies I bought last weekend, photographed the dining chairs for eBay (and see this morning that I’ll have to do that again, cos they’re rubbish pictures), and watched Duplicity, which really wasn’t very good at all.

And now it’s Monday again. Keeps coming round, and the clocks go back next weekend. Pah.

*And now they’re bloody sticking again. Unamused, as I shall have to do the 140 mile round trip again, and probably again after that.