Tom Jones and bagpipes

bagpipers at the gates of dawn^H^H Withernsea CarnivalAfter a rather delicious breakfast of drop scones with strawberries and cream, we loaded the bikes onto the car today – not a simple task, it transpired. This is the first time my new bike has been on the rack, and it didn’t fit so well as the old one, but Pete managed it in the end, and says he has the hang of it now.

We trundled off to Withernsea, on the coast, unloaded the bikes and set off towards Easington. My word, I’ve been spoilt; Hull is flat, and the gentle hills round the coast really made me struggle, although I only dismounted once.  We did 12.5 miles, and you can see the map here. I still don’t understand why it was mostly uphill, with the wind blowing in our faces on the way out, and mostly uphill, with the wind blowing in our faces on the way back too.

On our return to Withernsea, we walked up the beach as far as we could, but the tide was coming in, so we didn’t get far. We wandered off for a cup of tea, and encountered the Withernsea Carnival;  very interesting talking to the Holderness Falconry Club, and seeing all their lovely birds – how I’d love to do falcony. Might go to some of their meetings.

Next up was – and you won’t believe this – a bagpipe band playing along to a karaoke track of Tom Jones It’s Not Unusual. It actually was quite unusual, and I’d really rather not hear anything like it ever again. We hurried on in search of tea and a scone, which cost us the princely sum of £2.70 for the pair of us.

Home again, and into a hot bath for me, to easy my creaking bones, then a chicken and mayo sandwich for supper.

Monday tomorrow …