Treading the mill

About six weeks ago, I bought a treadmill on eBay; we had to go to *Scunthorpe* to collect it. It’s a fairly basic affair, motorised, Fitness Pro, and I used it religiously. In the past two weeks, I’ve done an hour every morning on it, averaging 8,000 steps before breakfast, and starting on the Couch to 5K program. Incidentally, I can now run for 8 minutes in succession without dying, and I’m starting to have visible muscles!

But the treadmill has no incline, and no programs, and I wanted something better. Yesterday I won an eBay auction for a Proform 900, which sold at £1,500 originally. I paid £300 for it, and it’s costing £65 to get it couriered here to Hull from Hunstanton, which is cheaper than actually driving there and back (never mind the issue of whether it would fit in the car). It arrives tomorrow afternoon.

Once I’d won the auction yesterday, I photographed the old one, and stuck it on Gumtree and eBay. It was sold within 2 hours via Gumtree, and I got within a fiver of what I paid for it, with the added bonus of no eBay fees. But, this morning, there was no! treadmill! Wah.

So I went out. *Outside*. In a long sleeved running top, and a fleece, and a warm hat, and fingerless gloves (and leggings, of course). The sun was shining, but it was -2C, and the pavements were frosty. I walked up to the local park, which is about 7 minutes away, and attempted to do my C25K there, but it didn’t go well. Took me ages to warm up, so I really only managed three of the six runs, and the pavements are very hard compared to the treadmill, and my knees didn’t like it. I walked for another half an hour over that, so I got the steps in, but I think I’ll stick to indoors after tomorrow, thank you!

Here’s the route, should you be interested; we’re lucky to have this virtually on the doorstep.