update on Bada

Her mouth is heaps better – the steroids did the job they were supposed to.

However, she has an appalling cold/flu thing, which is what’s making her
so poorly. Lilith has been sneezing, and with Liessa’s lowered immune
system, it went for her like a train.

The vet has given us palatable antibiotics, but as she won’t *eat*, I’m
not sure what we’re going to do there. I’m trying all sorts of things –
marmite, pilchards, ham; but she can’t smell, so nothing appeals. I shall
be cooking some fresh fish later, but it’s a bit alarming.

Cost to date: £556.

11 thoughts on “update on Bada”

  1. Have you tried tinned tuna? I know they’re not really supposed to have it because of the possibility of a high mercury content, but it’s *very* pungent, and all our cats adore it and mug us when we’re making tuna/mayo sarnies. I would have thought it wouldn’t matter for a time or two if you can get her to eat a small amount of it.

    I also find that cats will usually eat salmon.

    If she likes milk, you could maybe try kitten milk which you can get from the pet shop.

    I *do* hope they’re all better soon.

    1. I will be trying that later today. She won’t have pilchard, beef paste, cheese or anything. She just doesn’t *want* to eat, I don’t think.

          1. I tried Marmite yesterday, although not on the paws. That was what got Pteppic going when He Nearly Died.

            I did try the tomato sauce from pilchards on her paws this morning – she just folded them underneath her in a neat fashion, and ignored it. It’s still there.

    1. Now that you mention it, I remember that the vet sold us some when Phoebe wouldn’t eat after her operation. She *did* eat it, but only a mouthful from time to time.

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