waiting lists

perlmonger‘s appointment for his MRI scan came through on Friday – it’s for 16th June, which is remarkably prompt, and much quicker than we thought.

which is good, given the story here. Although, of course, in a “that’s not a light, it’s a train” fashion, they could be doing it as an emergency …

he also has two followup appointments at the Eye Hospital tomorrow, with two different consultants. So at least we may know more after them.

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  1. Is the scan at the BRI? I know the waiting lists scans are one of the major problems being tackled at the moment. As well as all the other targets there’s now targets coming in for scans so appointments should be getting more prompt.

    I had an MRI scan last year and only got it fairly quickly as there was a last minute cancellation and as I work at the BRI I could be there at very short notice!

    1. yes it is (at BRI).

      can you tell me whereabouts in the hospital it is? The paperwork doesn’t tell us whereabouts Suite B-MRI scan is actually located!

      1. It’s in the X-Ray department. It’s on Level 2 which is the same as the main entrance to the BRI. If you head in the main entrance follow the corridor past the WRVS shop to the lifts the entrace to the X Ray dept is on the right pretty much opposite the lifts. There’s a reception desk there where you can book in.

  2. Good luck!

    Warn him, the MRi scanner can be pretty loud and vey clanky – I thought it was going to break when I was in it as no-one had warned me about the noises. 🙂

  3. Everything remains crossed here.

    Speaking of crossing things, your young gentleman’s LJ has been deleted. Was this something he intended, and may I ask why?

    1. see above – he has deleted it for the day in support of the LJ breast feeding icon furore.

      it will be back tomorrow.

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