walking in the snow

Pete in his Swedish hat
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We had some serious snow overnight, and it kept on coming down, so at 7.50 we donned walking boots, warm jackets and silly hats (and a stout stick, in my case) and set off for a walk. We don’t often see this sort of weather in Long Ashton (BS41).

We went round Dawsons Walk, about – oh, 3/4 mile, I suppose, through the woods. It was lovely, although the snow was coming down sideways across the level ground before the wood.

We stopped at the baker on the way back for a hot pasty, which was a very good idea. Ron thought so to, and so had to be fought off.

One thought on “walking in the snow”

  1. Ah ha, if Woking gets more snow today, a reason for me to dig out the box with my old silly skiing hat from manylots years ago!
    I’d not thought of it for earlier, having now got a Sensible thinsulate boncewarmer. Though where I’ve hidden the matching thinsulate warm gloves is a mystery. They were *here* (points at space in drawer), I’m sure…

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