Saturday was quite idle, really – we dickered around with some stuff for a potential new site. Pete didn’t stir out of the house at all, and all I did was walk up to the Local Shop (for local people) to get mushrooms and cream for the beef stroganoff I was planning to cook that evening.

we buy our beef in a quarter of a cow at a time, from the inestimable Stephen Rawlings in Shropshire, and it gets squirrelled away in the freezer. And because we have many cats, we always put the meat in the meat safe microwave to thaw (under its own steam, not microwaved), because they can’t open it. We hope.

but this new microwave is a convection oven as well, and when I wanted a baguette for lunch, I put it on to preheat, forgetting the bloody fillet steak was in there. I had a bit of a tantrum, but when it had cooled down, I could peel the plastic off it, and it looked ok. So we cooked and ate it later that evening, and as far as I know, it was fine – at least, we aten’t dead.

of course, they might be slow acting carcinogens …
and we finished series 2 of Lost – *how* bloody annoying was that ending?

Sunday we took the ancient and venerable G3 iMac round to young Oli, son of valkyrie_k and stepson to landsmand, who is now living in Brissle. He was suitably grateful, and we also bought him lunch at the Persian caff in Southville as a 21st birthday outing (21? How on earth can that be?).

then came home, and decided to – at last – pull up the ancient and disgusting hall carpet (which Ptep has scratched straight through in a couple of places – this (the removal, not the scratching) inspired by next door’s skip, which still had space in it, and they had said we could bung stuff in it. We also moved the bookcase in the hall to the landing, and now we can open the front door properly. It looks so nice and spacious that I think we will just bung a couple of rugs down and leave it at that. I’d love to varnish the floorboards, but I haven’t worked out how to do it with eight marauding felines in the house.