weekend 16/17 jan 2010

Visit from Daniel the Polish Builder on Saturday morning, to collect the extension reel and light he left when he was doing the loft ladder.  <lj user="perlmonger"> will quite miss these!  Pete rewired the extension, as it was distinctly non-safe.  Instructed Daniel, upon his request, on the basics of home winemaking.

Pete then decided to wire in the second under-cupboard light in the kitchen, meaning that I couldn’t do any of what I’d planned to do, so I spodded for a bit, before constructing bacon sammidges for lunch.

We then went to run some errands – first to Newlands Ave to the only (and not very good) health food shop we’ve found in Hull that isn’t Holland and Barrett, as we needed muesli.  Thus far we have failed to locate a scoop shop here, which is very annoying.  We popped into a gifty shop called Zebra for a look, and Pete was hailed by the woman who owns it, and who recognised him after about 13 years!, so a long chat ensued.  A wander up Newlands to the greengrocer, and some plums on special offer at 2 bags for £1, so I bought four bags to make some wine, then had to go over to the home brew shop in east Hull to get some grape concentrate.  And another fermenting bucket and some chemicals …  And then to Pets At Home, for cat litter, and a small scratching post for Ron, in the vain hope that he’ll now leave the wicker baskets alone, and some cat grass – see upcoming post on the cats’ blog for more on that.

Home then, where we chopped loads of veg to make a) soup, b) moussaka and c) a vat of chilli.  The moussaka was constructed and consumed for Saturday’s supper, and was delicious; we had lamb mince for a change (we usually use lentils for moussaka), and 1 lb of lamb made enough for two moussakas, so a tub has gone in the freezer.  We listened to the three CDs from the Phil Beer box set that arrived last week, then had a reply of the most recent Show of Hands album, then stuck the Neuros on random as usual – a TV free evening!

Sunday showed promise of decent weather at last, so we set off for Withernsea.  I found a free tide app for the iPhone, which is dead handy, and we had a tramp along the beach, and then a long walk along the promenade, before repairing to a local cafe for steak and ale pie ‘n’ chips (for me) and a big yorkshire pud with sossidge and onion gravy (for Pete).  Home then to make the last batch of chilli, a long and complex process, but well worth the trouble.  Supper was muffins with cloudberry jam, followed by the last of the christmas cake, while I caught up with some rubbish TV.

A very nice weekend, all told.

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