weekend 2-3 dec 06

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another nice one – although we failed to go to etriganuk‘s party due to the horrors of the UK train network, which is a shame; we’d have loved to be there.

Saturday: lazy morning, then a couple of hours round the village taking more photographs for the web site, including some of the Polish Airmen’s Memorial in the church yard. Then we went into Bristol – onnabus! – to buy a new lens for my D70. I wanted an everyday lens with a bit more zoom, and ended up with a Sigma 18-200 which has a) more zoom, and b) not much more weight – weight is a problem with my hands. Two hundred and thirty earth pounds, which is not bad for over the counter sales.

and I bought the Feral Cardigan – this called to me loudly when we cut through M&S on perlmonger‘s last hospididdle visit, but I was good and didn’t buy it. And then sulked mightily until Pete said we’d better go and have another look.

Saturday evening was a tub of mutton and date tagine from the freezer, and X-Factor. Good riddance to the dreadful McDonalds, I say.

Sunday morning I made a batch of carrot and coriander muffins for breakfast, then faffed about for a bit before being Good, and taking the plastics to Sainsburys for recycling, and doing the shopping.

made a pot roast out of a piece of topside and half a bottle of red wine that had gone over a bit, then out on the monthly Village Walk, yomping up very steep and very muddy fields and paths – I found this hard going, and my knees were Not Happy, but at least I did it. I think the glucosamine are helping quite a bit.

home for a rest, and to consume the pot roast, with potatoes and cabbage from the Riverford box – it was utterly delicious; probably the best I’ve made evah. And then – astonishingly – the Jordans sallied forth to meet Pat and Dave (WANOLJ but are known to many of my readers) where we formed a team for the Quiz Night at the British Legion Club in the village. We had a whale of a time, although what inspired Dave to play the joker on the Classical Music round, ghod only knows. We called ourselves The Aliens, and we will be making a regular event of this, I’m sure.

all in all, an excellent weekend.

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  1. What on earth is wrong with the MacDonald Brothers? They were no worse than the progeny of Jack Nicholson who has been raised by wolves. Anyway, up here yesterday a nation was in mourning. Losing the MacDonalds and then losing Carol from Come Dancing has dented national self-confidence. I think the Home Secretary Field Marshall Dr Styre must have arranged it to thwart nationalist ourpourings. i can only think that we would have been even more upset if they’d been any good.

      1. The Days Road amenity site takes plastics too. I remain unconvinced that they do anything sensible with them, though.

    1. You could at the one in Swindon. Then you couldn’t. S’bury’s said it was up to the council. Never noticed at the one in Chippers.

  2. have you tried walking poles? i got some for NZ as my ankle is still off whack and they take a lot of straing off the knees and grip nicely in the mud – even one is good but two is better

    1. Pat Silver has offered to lend me a pair, although I did have my Stout Stick (a lovely blackthorn I bought in Donegal). I’m just doddery *and* unfit, really 🙂

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