weekend 29/30 October 2010

Didn’t go anywhere. Didn’t set foot outside the door (although Pete did bicycle over to Aldl to get one of the spiffy Christmas puds with the orange slices on, but they didn’t have any. Boo).

Did some knitting, some melodeon practice, sold the dining chairs on eBay, made a crackingly good lentil and aubergine bake, watched Strictly, didn’t¬†watch X-Factor (trying really hard to wean myself off it, it’s particularly rubbish this year), watched Catch Me If You Can, which was remarkably enjoyable, did some ironing (!). Bit lazy really.

This week includes another trip to the wilds of W Yorks, to see Bill Bailey in Sheffield on Friday, with a side order of Ikea for new dining chairs, and possibly dropping Betsy* back in Cleckheaton if we cannot fix her ourselves.

Health wise, not feeling very well – cycled over to the dentist yesterday and felt a bit wobbly after about a mile (4m round trip). As the day progressed started feeling worse, and then coughing and tight chest – not another bloody cold, I hope. No further decay at dentist, but have to have full periodontal clean and scale, which I hate. Ho hum.

*Her nice new rucksack bag arrived this week – it bears the legend “Stagg”, which to me looked just like Slagg.¬†So she might just turn out to be Glenda …