we had a completely indoor weekend – never set foot outside the house. Pete moved stuff round the web servers, as offler chewed off his own tail on Friday ( bad server!), and we did some testing on Sunday.

cooked four lots of meatloaf, and three meals’ worth of mince with cannelini beans; I forgot to boil the damn beans, so it had to cook a long time, but it was worth it. We roasted a small chickie! on Thursday night, so on Saturday we had indian lentils with spinach and shredded chickie! (gorgeous), and yesterday I made a vat of chickie! and lentile soup, with lotsa veg, and barley. The freezers are once again groaning.

last night’s dinner was meat loaf with mountains of mash, and spiced red cabbage, followed by mince pies with thick Jersey cream; the freezers weren’t the only ones groaning after that …
I, Robot on Saturday night. Poor old Isaac must be rotating rapidly in his place of interment. I loved those books when I was a child, and I hate the gloss and spin put on them by the Hollywood machine. Still, the effect were good, and Will Smith makes good eye candy. But once was quite enough.

also finally caught up with series 1 of Desperate Housewives. I went through phases with this, and when I wanted to go back to it, I discovered that I’d forgotten to tell the Tivo to keep all episodes, and it had thrown away all but the last five. A bit of torrenting later – well, a few days, really – brought me down the missing eight, which I watched last week. Then I settled down in to an orgy of Wisteria Lane on Saturday afternoon, only to discover to my horror, that I didn’t have the *last* episode on the Tivo. Thankfully I found a reasonably fast download, and watched it on Sunday afternoon. I have all of S2 up to date waiting to watch now, but I suspect that a second series will prove to be a mistake.

last night was Phoenix Nights – why did nobody tell us about this?! We watched all the episodes straight through, and laughed like drains. The second DVD has been moved to the top of my Lovefilm list.

before that came on, we caught some Nature-ish stuff on BBC2 – an amazing programme with a woman free diver in the Galapagos, swimming with iguana, penguins and seals. Amazing stuff. Was followed by a programme on the wildlife evolution on Cuba, which was equally fascinating. Now tell me that *that* stuff is intelligent design …

and that was it really. Nice to have a weekend slobbing about in the house. Next weekend we’re off to the wilds of Manchester, to etriganuk‘s annual gathering – looking forward to it enormously, as many of the Usual Suspects will be there.

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    1. we’re fairly accomodating, really – I don’t like tomatoes in any identifiable form, but can eat tomato soup, tomato ketchup, tinned tomatoes cooked into stuff. Neither of us are fond of avocado. That’s all we can think of right now 🙂

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