so that was the weekend – bit of domestic shopping on Saturday, brunch in the yuppie caff, lazy afternoon and Woodspring LibDem dinner in the evening. Guest speaker was Jeremy Brown, whom I had never realised was the LibDem candidate on that memorable 1997 evening in Enfield South (were you up for Portillo?).

I just had two things I wanted to do in the city on Sunday (where we were going only because it was the monthly decent food fair) – new bedlinen, and get the phones put on a business account. Sadly neither was achieved – the chap in the Orange shop (whose name badge informed us his name was Igor – MORE POWER, Igor) could do more than read bits out of the catalogue and witter on about purchase orders, so I shall buy the bloody phones online. And nowhere that I can find does unbleached cotton bedlinen of the sort that Ikeal used to do and that we love, and ours are all full of holes. Wah.

we managed to buy New Shoes – perlmonger bought new shoes, which is something of a historic occasion. He wears Docs most of the time, or black lace-up shoes for formal, and that’s it. He is now in possession of a pair of “Fly London ” shoes, much to my astonishment. I bought a pair of Doc Marten shoes which looked – and have proven to be – exceeding comfy. The girl in the shoe shop was about a size 6, and looked as though she was both catatonic and drugged to the eyeballs; stockroom visits took about 10 minutes a time …

we also popped into Waterstones to look at the Designing Interfaces book that marypcb blogged the other day; they didn’t have it. They *did* have lots of other books, and we now have another seven to add to the shelves, which will be the subject of another post.

Sunday lunch (belated) was roast duck, carrots in star anise, broccoli, and spuds roasted in duck fat, followed by a rhubarb and sponge made with ground almonds instead of flour. With custard, for those who like it (i.e. Pete). I bought a jar of orange and chili jelly at the market, and lobbed a couple of teaspoonfuls on the duck while it was cooking – that worked well. And I think it would work in a chocolate moooooooooose too; I suppose I’ll have to try [sits back and waits for gmul to arrive].

made a pot of lentil, tomato and tarragon soup for the week, watched episodes 8 & 9 of f West Wing so set BitTorrent running to fetch the last three (got ’em now).

that’s it – there is no more. Off now to make some spicy basmati rice to go with the crab cakes from the market.

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” |Eye to the Telescope | KT Tunstall

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        1. ah, now you’ll upset him. His Makers didn’t include the prehensile tail option, which has always caused him deep sadness.

  1. I got my phone switched to a business account just by phoning them up and asking. Told them that I wanted it billed to my Ltd co; ISTR needed to fax them confirmation (so created the headed paper, and duly faxed them) and that was it.

    Shops are for retail…

    1. well, we want new phones, and we have to buy out the contract on mine, and it’s all Not Simple. I might just go to somewhere else – I’m fed up with Orange anyway.

      1. Oh why? I’ll be surprised if you find anyone else better in terms of support etc. And their business team is better than their ordinary customer-facing one (which is still best in the UK, IMO)

  2. chocolate moooooooooose


    I may try and pop your dish in at the weekend, if you’re likely to be around. Depends on me popping down to Swindon to nervously eye up my stuff in storage. I’ll give you a call when I know what’s going on…

    1. hokay – we should be about on Saturday afternoon/evening, and on Sunday we’re going to see Chris Huhne tell us why he should be the LibDem leader (bit late for me – my ballot’s going in the post this afternoon :).

      let us know

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