well, that was the weekend then

During which we watched the Corpse Bride (on DVD) (fabulous), Harry Potter 5 (in the cinema) (better than expected), made a batch of bolognese sauce for the freezer, went to the tip with the plastic bottles, bought some plants for the front garden, did my first cooking with ricotta (a spinach and ricotta lasagne, and a truly fabulous strawberry cheesecake).

We also came second in the pub quiz (don’t knock it, the team who come first have to buy the raffle prizes), had brunch in North Street and worked out how to sort out our photographers system.

And now it’s Monday, we are fairly quiet on work for a few days, and perlmonger is about to build himself a new box. Which means his temper will be fraying almost immediately …

3 thoughts on “well, that was the weekend then”

  1. made a batch of bolognese sauce for the freezer,

    Does yours actually make it as far as the freezer? I usually make what I consider to be enough for two meals and the gannets in this house eat almost all of it before it gets near the freezer.

    I made huge quantities of lasagne on Saturday, meaning to freeze half of it, but in the end there was only enough left over for a very small portion for me for Sunday’s lunch. Next time I shall make two smaller dishes, but I bet it won’t make any difference.

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