what I did at the weekend

Woke up unconscionably early on Saturday morning, and got up at 5.15 – this meant the day was a bit of a washout, energy-wise.  I did take my bicycle out for the first time in a couple of years (I think).  I went to the other end of the cycle path and back, probably about 3 miles or so in total, and it was hell on my legs, but my breathing was hugely better, so I think it was just a question of using yet another set of muscles.  I shall do it more often.

Other than that, Saturday was pretty lazy – [info]perlmonger made a great start on the Great Garage Clearout, then went for a "quick bike ride" at 4.15, from which he returned at 7.30 p.m. .. too late to order the takeaway we’d planned, so I cooked a courgette pasta bake while he encountered ferocious gorse bushes on the Portishead coast path; serves him right.

Sunday … I don’t think I did anything much, apart from the monthly pub quiz on Sunday, in which we came fourth.  Oh, I went for a mooch around Bemster, but it was Shut.

Monday was up early to go and set up the LibDem tombola stand at the North Somerset Agricultural Show.  The weather was far from benign, but the crowds turned out, and I think it went well – we did a couple of hours as tombola barkers and ticket sellers, and actually quite enjoyed it, although I confess we buggered off home before it was stall take-down time.  I bought some very nice deck shoes, and a pair of silver earrings, and we both bought new warm Sherwood jackets – not matching, as that would be entirely too Howard and Hilda.  We both needed them – Pete has a wax jacket, but it’s very bulky, and I have one of those dual waterproof/fleece things, but it doesn’t feel right, somehow. These jackets are light and warm, and just the ticket.  Also got an aloe vera stick deodorant and some aloe propolis cream, had a big sossidge and onion in a bun for breakfast, and a cupful of fruit salad for lunch.

Somewhat foolishly, I decided to wear my MBT boots for the day, and I hadn’t been out in them for ages.  After about 7 hours on my feet, I had horrible aches in my hips and outer thighs, so that was yet another set of unused muscles protesting.  I had a long soak in the bath before I went to bed, hit the pillow at 9 p.m., and slept through till 7 this morning.  I had planned to go swimming, but it was too late then – if you’re not at the pool by 7, all the lanes are gone.

This afternoon, I’m off to the hairdresser for a wash and brush up – now I have my new eyes, I fancy a change, so we shall see what they wreak.

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    1. Yup – I used to really like Ever Decreasing Circles – those lives of quiet desperation …

      I don’t have much energy, and anyway I couldn’t do your daily commute and your travelling 🙂

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