Am rediscovering Wii, as it is too cold and dark to go cycling in the early mornings, and I’m too much of a wuss to do it in traffic.

I set it all up in the living room, then decided that as we no longer wanted the ancient television in the kitchen, I’d take it up to the bedroom and set up the Wii there (we put the telly on Freegle and got not a single enquiry – clearly an ancient 14″ CRT beast is too dreadful to contemplate, even for free).

In the meantime, Pete moved all the home entertainment stack yesterday, in order to relocate the television from its mount on the chimney breast, to a new mount in the alcove. Except the new, clever, cantilevered, tilt and turn, tea making stand is utterly useless, and will have to be returned, so in the meantime, the big LED tv is back on its original stand, perched ever so slightly precariously on a hi-fi trolley.

By this time, I’d discovered that the first location for the bedroom Wii kit was hopeless, as it was too far away for my ancient eyes to see it clearly; I moved it all somewhere else in the room, and discovered that the combination of my ancient eyes, and the ancient small screen, meant I couldn’t play Wii Tennis as I couldn’t see the ball. So we’ve just put it downstairs again.

How did all the wires get so tangled in less than 24 hours, FFS?

In other news, it is a year yesterday since we moved to Hull. I don’t understand what’s happening to time these days – it’s all been zipped. To celebrate the anniversary, we had lunch in Beverley, and finally hung our ancient wooden guillotine on the wall above the fireplace. Time to get the knitting out.