(yet another) senior moment

perlmonger has just emptied the tumble dryer. In some consternation, he informed me that “the sheet was missing” … the load was mostly bedlinen, and indeed – there was No Sheet.

it wasn’t in the washing machine. It wasn’t in the tumble dryer. It wasn’t in the laundry basket.

it was still on the bed, underneath the clean sheet.

but you probably knew that, didn’t you …

8 thoughts on “(yet another) senior moment”

    1. ah no – we always do them up before they go in the wash, because of their habit of devouring everything in their vicinity. And it had been checked.

    1. Re: I think I wasn’t the only one chanting …

      You weren’t … ;-P

      (though this post does remind me that I’d meant to do some laundry earlier this week …)

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