you gotta love Amazon Web Services

having cut my teeth on them doing the cookbook lookup on, I decided to address the subject of our DVD collection.

so … export the ASINs from DVDPedia, put file into BBEdit, a bit of RegExp search and replace and a mySQL command, and I had a basic list.

about 10 minutes of programming to alter the files from Nibblous to suit DVDs and my site, and then an enjoyable half an hour or so of interrogating Amazon with each ASIN, confirming it was right, and writing data into the database and grabbing their largest image for further manipulation.

tomorrow, I might write the code to actually display it on my site.

I Am Not A Programmer.


2 thoughts on “you gotta love Amazon Web Services”

  1. It occurs to me that you’re effectively trying to replicate what the nice man at is doing ;P

    (I’ve got less than 1/3 of my books on there so far. I keep doing odd half hours of “I’ll add a few more”, then lose momentum 😉

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