a blast from the past

ancient notebookI found this little notebook this morning in a handbag I haven’t used in ages, and indeed I haven’t used the notebook in ages. I was bought it on a weekend in London in about 1993 (I think), and many pages are torn out.

The first page has an address on it, which I think is the garage in Gloucester where I bought my beloved black Celica in 1995. There are phone numbers in the form of 0482 (instead of 01482), written lists of directions (no Google maps, or even Autoroute then, it seems),  numbers of people I worked with, dosages of homeopathic remedies, a Christmas card list, contact details for people long lost touch with, or dead. Album and book names, bank details, tyre specifications, a note about “Magic deployment for NT Server – £910 for 5 users” – this was clearly my PDA before I started with Palms way back when.

The last entry reads (and I’m not making this up):

One by one, the penguins are stealing my sanity.