am I the only one?

I looked at the first stuff about the iPhone and drooled.

but now I’ve read more, I don’t think I’m interested. No 3G. No possibility of adding your own apps. No external battery. And how scratched is it going to get?

so I think I’ll be passing, thanks all the same. Mighty pretty though …

11 thoughts on “am I the only one?”

  1. I don’t actually own a mobile phone, for various reasons I don’t like to carry much tech with me, and my flist over the last couple of days has read like an attack of the (i)pod people, only iPhone instead: “We are the iPhones… you will be assimilated… resistance is futile”

    Nice to see I’m not the only one with reservations.

  2. I have to say tht on first sight/read yesterday of the presentation about the iPhone I also thought “want want WANT”. The lack of 3G doesn’t worry me (it is quad-band with WiFi, which will be fine for me) but yes, the lack of adding your own apps will probably be the stop sign. That might change though …

  3. Although it does look supremely shiny, the deal breaker for me is the small capacity. I’m an obsessive music collector and even my 15GB iPod isn’t anywhere near big enough. And what about the people who want to put videos on the thing? But I’m hoping in a couple of years time the iPod lineup will gradually be replaced by this, and the quest for the holy convergent gadget will soon be over.

    1. I agree though there is an explanation …

      … apparantly Apple believe you should have all your music and videos on your Mac/PC and regularly dock your iPod/iPhone and just take away some small fraction with you for travelling … a bit like having a house full of stuff and just loading up the car with what you need for the weekend … and realising you’ve left behind the terribly useful gizmo or the DVD of The Incredible which you now realise you should have brought with you …

      … but then they produced the 80Gb iPod which seems to go against that!

  4. And how many sweaty, greasy fingerprints are going to disfigure the screen? Extrapolating from my SPV and my posh Cambridge Audio touchscreen remote control the screen is going to be horrid in a matter of weeks 😉

      1. Yesterday I invented the opposite of the fingerless glove, the gloveless finger condom (the “iDom”) which is the finger off a rubber glove (possibly with some sort of shiny non-transfer silicone surface) for poking your iPhone with … now someone give me money!

  5. This is the Mac 512 of the iPhone range. I’ll wait until it gets to about Mac SE/30 level before I’d consider it.

    I see nothing wrong with a simple product that does one thing well which is what the iPod was/is/might in future no logner be.

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