an elderly tin of butter beans

We had planned to go out for lunch today, but of course the delivery of Shelves! to sort out the shed once the big freezer is Freecycled today has not yet turned up, so we didn’t dare leave the house. And there wasn’t much in for lunch.

So I rummaged in the tin cupboard and found some butter beans. Drained and rinsed them, looked at the bottom of the tin … and tasted them. They were fine.

Fried up a packet of pancetta cubes. Into a bowl they went, with the beans, a finely chopped small onion, a packet of seeds, some parmesan shavings, some torn basil leaves, and a dressing of olive oil, walnut oil and red wine vinegar.

I filled a couple of wheaten wraps with the result, which promptly fell apart – I have no idea how you get these things to behave. Made a very nice change.

“How old were the beans?” I hear you ask. Um … best before November. 2002. Oops.

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3 thoughts on “an elderly tin of butter beans”

  1. My mums take is if it is in a tin and the tin isn’t damaged it will last till kingdom come, but that is along time to keep some butterbeans for just in case!

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