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damn – it grew, and got pictures and stuff, american gods

American Gods ‡ Neil Gaiman

perlmonger read it first, and he said I’d like it, and he was almost right …loved loved *loved* it. It’s the first Neil Gaiman I’ve read, apart from Good Omens, which I also loved – because I don’t like comic-type books (I like the pictures in my head).

a sweeping idea, beautifully executed – a wonderful and extraordinary book. Funny, touching, powerful, thought-provoking. Finely drawn characters, beautifully observed – I really do commend it to everyone. If you haven’t read it, get a copy and read it now!


Closer ‡ Mike Nichols (director)

and last night, having finished with West Wing, we addressed the huge pile of unwatched DVDs, starting with Closer. Avery strong film, with some utterly unlikeable characters – but stonking performances from the four leading players. Not an easy watch, by any means, but well worth it.

blacksmithblack catiron snakes

the Blacksmith Trilogy ‡ Jenny Maxwell

actually, I don’t think these are sold as a trilogy, but they do go together. They tell the story of two sisters: Anne, who is 6’5″, and a blacksmith, and Gloriana – petite, beautiful, a stage designer who is emotionally very damaged due to her past. I can’t find a way to describe the books without making them sound rubbish, which they aren’t. I’ve had them for years, and then when we were cataloguing, I found that one was missing. Finally bought it, and read them through last week, and was glad to do so again – they’re a cracking good read.

what is? What I thought of:

  • Neil Gailman ‡ American Gods
  • Closer (DVD)
  • the Blacksmith Trilogy ‡ Jennie Maxwell

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  1. If you’ve just finished American Gods, Anansi Boys – linked peripherally – should be high up the “read soon” list.

    I’ve not read it yet – need to find some time to re-read American Gods first.

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