freezer consolidation

The new freezer has arrived, been unpacked, stowed under the stairs, left to stand, and then switched on till it’s properly cold.

We have transferred everything from the old (bigger) freezer – of course there was far more stuff in there than we realised, and so some stuff has been left out to cook in the next couple of days, and the kittins will be very pleased that we have found some lamb offal for their Easter treat.

So look out for posts on:

  • one small piece of gammon – very salty, if I recall correctly, so it’s soaking now, and I’ll change the water several times
  • one pound of mince, which will be tonight’s supper in some shape or form, providing it thaws sufficiently
  • one piece of belly pork, which I think I might try in the slow cooker with lentils, but haven’t decided yet.

And we have enough beef to open a market stall (but it did all go in) …

Now then – if anyone in the Bristol area would like a nice 3/4 height freezer, it’s theirs for the taking away.

Originally published at Reactive Cooking.