left over belly pork

We had roast belly pork on Saturday – I love this cut, although it’s getting more and more expensive, as it seems to be used by TV chefs and the like now.

I spent a staggering (!) 3.30 on a biggish piece for Christmas Eve, but we’d had so much lunch it got put into the freezer, and I fished it out for the weekend. We slow roasted it, and ate it with mash and brussels sprouts, and there was about half left.

It looked a bit dry and woebegone, so I cut it into bite-sized chunks and put it in the Remoska. Then I made a gravy/sauce with some cornflour, apple juice, chopped sage and a bit of water, turned it on and hoped for the best.

More mash, more sprouts (extra of both cooked for bubble and squeak for tomorrow’s lunch), and a small tub of leftover red cabbage from the freezer. The pork was just delicious – the gravy made a huge difference.

Originally published at Reactive Cooking.