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    1. oh, yes please mac dot jordan at gmail dot com will find me. Or my LJ address, which ends up in the same place, come to think of it.

  1. absolutely true and totally accurate.

    I used to have a paper copy of that back in the mainframe days of the late 70s. I don’t think much has changed since (except for creating graphics on computers, and colour printers, and the use of the web to distribute the images, and …)

  2. That’s fantastic. One for the Corkboard of Motivation, I think (the lab director here has one of those demotivation posters of a group of skydivers forming a circle midair with the keyword “Idiocy”).

  3. Oh, yes. I’ve seen other versions, but this is the best. I particularly liked the ‘how it was documented’, ‘how it was billed’ and ‘how it was supported’ elements…

  4. ahhh – inspiration for the ranty article I’m writing 😉 wonder if the editor could get permission to use it as an illustration 😉

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