out? again?

the downstairs network hub has been playing up – this is a pain, as there are two webcams, a Tivo, and an iMac hanging off it, and playing music (which is stored up here) was becoming a bit hit and miss. So off to Maplins this morning to buy a new 100Mbit 8 port switch (for £39.99, which is entirely ridiculous), and a few new ethernet cables.

then decided to nip up to the Mall, as I wanted some ribbon to decorate the festive cake, and John Lewis was the only place I could think off. Their ribbon selection was rubbish, so I shall have a rethink on cake decor.

however, I managed to buy a new handbag*, a long sleeved white t-shirt, four new shirts for perlmonger, a lime green woollen scarf which I think we will end up fighting over, and a couple of books – Robert Fisk’s The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East, and Kitty Kelley’s Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, which should keep me in books over the festering season. Like my to-read pile wasn’t quite huge enough already.

I’ve almost finished John Pilger’s book on investigative journalism, which I must write up – it’s well worth reading.

Pete has finished putting up the twinkly lights on the dutch airer in the kitchen, so I’m off to bake a belated festive cake and have a glass of wine, before dealing with some rather fine tiger prawns that need cooking. Thai, I think.

have a nice evening, all.

*a Mebo one – 2nd from right on that page, but in a very dark brown. Lovely. I *do* like handbags.

3 thoughts on “out? again?”

  1. Obviously you needed it now so the Maplin one was the only way, but for future consideration I find these are utterly reliable and very quick.

    I bought one as an experiment about 16 months ago, couldn’t fault it and so bought 2 more earlier this year to go all Gb ethernet round the flat.

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