is it a Viral e-mail, or is it spam?

so, I’m reading on a mailing list this morning a message from someone who wants to (in his own words):

send out HTML based viral email (yes you heard right) which highlights this fact and ssks the recipient to do 2 things – firstly vote Renewable or Nuclear and secondly, send it on.

I and several others said “that’s spam – don’t do it”. And he’s getting very uppity, because the cause is something to do with building (or probably not building) nuclear power stations.

it’s still spam though, isn’t it …

I really am baffled by this talk of Consignia dropping the second postal delivery of the day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a second post since I moved to this area (N Somerset) in 1996.

oh fergawdssakes – where the fsck has my Windows XP CD gone? How on earth am I supposed to do a reinstall now?.

[sigh] will just have wait till the Microsoft Direct Action pack arrives (ordered this morning)

this is important, folks

do you know what our elected leaders are up to? Do you think it’s necessary for the Post Office, and the Food Standards Agency, and any local council, to see what web sites you’ve visited and what e-mails you’ve written?

well, they, and a whole load of other government departments (there’s a list here) will be able to do just that. There’s a lot of stuff being perpetrated by the authorities on the back of September 11, but I really do fail to see why, e.g., the Food Standards Agency should be allowed to know what I’ve been doing on the web. And all without the need or restraint of any court orders.

everyone, fax your MP – I’ll do the same, but Dr Liam Fox already has me marked down as a dangerous subversive, I fear, after I wrote and asked him if he was in favour of sending British troops to Afghanistan …

some other essential reading on this:

the Reg’s take

last night, jezza called round to pick up his father’s thigh length waders. Just don’t ask, alright? We’ll come to that later, although I will stress that they were not used for some peculiar perversion. Well, hardly at all. But I digress.

we have become more and more hermit-like, so he dragged us up to the local pub for a pint and a bite to eat. Of course, the Bird in Hand has stopped serving food, because they’re leaving on Monday. How many landlords has that place been through?

so we went down to The Angel, and ate indifferent lasagne. And I had one GT, and one glass of not very good Merlot, and felt half pissed. And have discovered that I don’t sleep very well in that state. Ho hum …

so, tomorrow comes a nice big delivery. All the Macromedia MX stuff, plus a brace of NEC 18″ TFT monitors. My desk is horribly cramped with two 19″ CRTs, so away they go. Ghod bless the Tempters … we have a very good arrangement with them, where we send them all our spare money (plus a bit more), and they send us toys^H^H^H essential items for us to conduct our business.

and then I have the “fun” of installing all the MX stuff, and I’m really due for a complete OS reinstall – there’s some real oddities going on with this box, particularly with the fragrant IE6. Perhaps now is the time to do it, although I can’t quite decide whether to go for 2K or XP …

oh the horror – I think I’ll spend some time today checking that I have absolutely everything that I’ll need. It’s all those wierd bits of shareware that get forgotten.

oh dear. You can hear the shuffling of feet from a long way away.

yes, I said weblogs were a waste of time. That nobody wrote or read anything interesting in them. And then I started one for the cats, and I discovered very rapidly how addictive they are. Or do I mean compulsive? Anyway, for better or worse, here’s my personal one.