People are Very Odd (an occasional series)

I was in our local farm shop this afternoon; a chap knocked down the wicker basket with the baguettes in it, and they fell on the floor. He started picking them up. *With tongs*. And putting them back in the basket.

This struck me as odd, to say the least. When I pitched up to the checkout and discovered he was not a member of staff, but a customer, so I said in dulcet tones to the girl that someone had knocked down the baguettes onto the floor, and put them back in the basket. The staff were not amused, and he scuttled off rapidly.

I then returned home from my round trip, and although our wonderful huge Amana American fridge / freezer was, without doubt, utterly full, I managed to feed it the following:

  • 2 packs of lamb mince, to make kofta meatballs
  • 5 packs of turkey mince, because Iggy loves it so
  • 12 hot cross buns
  • 8 bagels
  • 1 pack of sliced duck breast fillet, on special offer (will make a nice stir fry)

Yes, I went to Sainsburys – something I rarely do, because I hate it so, but we did need some bits, and there wasn’t enough to make a worthwhile online order, and it’s the cheapest place for petrol (although cheap is a ridiculous word, given the price of the bloody stuff).

And I bought a set of inks for the Canon in Staples, which are more expensive than bloody petrol. It’s no wonder we’re all broke.

Now then, shall I order a new Mac Pro? What do you say?

12 thoughts on “People are Very Odd (an occasional series)”

    1. Hahahahahaha …

      Actually, although it is a thing of astonishing beauty, I don’t want one.

      No, really I don’t.

      Not at all.

      No sirree, Bob.

      Oh alright then.

      1. Joking aside. I think that as things stand, my next laptop will be a macbook of some description.

        I’d perfer to be running a Unix based OS and getting Linux working *properly* on a lot of lappy hardware is just too much hassle. I spend too much of my life working with computers to have the inclination to mess about at home as well.


        1. Good call. I have a 13″ Macbook, which I love. But the Air is an unknown quantity. It looks very fragile, and thus might need a solid case to protect it in transit, which would rather negate the point. Limited to 2Gb RAM, no user servicable parts, just one USB – I think I’d have to be very well off to justify a machine like that, and I’m not.

  1. He didn’t want to get his hands dirty on the baguettes that fell to the floor that he was putting back into the basket for other unknowing customers to purchase. 😉

    1. Thanks – my husband, , pointed me at your LJ regarding your posting about the primary school. I’m a primary school governor myself, so I’m interested in such things. So hi yourself!

    1. Re: Mac Pro

      I mailed you at your initials at the stoatish one on this very subject – did you not receive same?

      Teh Shiny is now ordered. I have an offer from Mr Rodda of £550 …

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