In preparation for some major changes to my own web site (when I get time, ho ho), I’m importing our book catalogue here into Shelfari.

We have a perfectly serviceable system here what I wrote in ColdFusion, that looks up Amazon’s web service and grabs all the details from the ISBN number, but that won’t do what I want.

So I output a text file, and uploaded it to Shelfari, and it gaily processed it, and then threw away hundreds of ISBNs, which I am having to do manually – slow and tedious.

*Anyway* – the point of this is that you will find me on Shelfari as (no surprise) ramtops, so if you would like to friend me or whatever they do there, that would be vair nice.

Please note we only have about 1600 books, which I suspect is a very small number to some of you. But we do love and cherish them all.