21 thoughts on “some things are just plain *wrong*”

    1. I have a *huge* and ancient black cast iron casserole that I’ve had for over 25 years. I have to be very careful with it when it’s full, as it’s very heavy.

  1. Actually, it’s quite nice and I always thought their contraptions were far too orange. You’ll excuse me if I take a moment to peer out of the window for riders in the sky though..

      1. Mine are burgundy red. And it isn’t Le Creuset. It’s a french brand called… er – cant’ remember but it began with V, it’s just as good, just as heavy, but about a quarter of the price. 🙂

  2. A nice colour in itself, but definitely not a food-compatible shade. I think that is for people who decorate kitchens, but don’t cook in them.

    Mine are a hotch potch of colours, as I buy them from the reject shop and just get what’s going cheapest. Function is more important that colour matching, I always say – though I try to get the nice rich blue colour if I can, cos it goes with my Denby 😉

    Don’t heat them with nothing but salt in the bottom though. That can do nasty things to brand new le Creuset pans (sob!). Anyone know of a good (i.e. cheap) re-enamelling service?

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