The law of fives

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We don’t often get the entire tribe in one place at a time (though we have shared ourtheir bed with the lot of them a couple of times in the current chill weather); yesterday, I found this collection in the shelves to the right of my desk.

I really cannot comprehend people who dismiss cats. Not liking them; oh, I can understand that, but their evil, scheming, murderous, loving beings are as individual and unique as human-style people. I haven’t the words, the eloquence, to do justice to the ones we live with or the ones we’ve lost, but I’ve just been smiling in recognition through prickling eyes at this posting about a cat, twenty years on from Crescent Dragonwagon. Just a cat, you know, they’re all the same.

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  1. four legged housemates

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Our two love torturing me by waking me up a 5am every morning no matter what time I want to get up. They are used to me being up then so it is my fault I developed the habit. Their hungry so It’s time I got the hell out of bed as far as they are concerned.

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