weekend 10/11 July 2010

How on earth can it be July 2010?  I don’t know where the century has gone …

Nothing too exciting this weekend. It was punctuated with visits to feed, water and entertain Starsky the rabbit – we have a reciprocal agreement with his Blobs; we rabbitsit, they catsit. On Saturday morning we cycled over to Anlaby Road to return the bike saddle I bought last week, and exchange it for a saddle bag. It was exceeding hot, and we decided to do no more cycling that day. Instead, we took the car (shock horror) to Makro to return the inkjet printer we bought just before Christmas. However, I cannot lay my hands on the receipt, and their invoice query system was down, so that was a wasted journey.

On Sunday, after checking on Starsky we went over to Walton Street Market, and bought some of their cheap plants – there’s now a window box of geraniums, and two pots of ornamental grass and marigolds, under the front window. After lunch, we continued on with the Avenues Open Gardens, and bought a load more plants while trundling about. The gardens have really inspired us to get on with our back yard – it’s not a bad size, and if we clear it up and plant it nicely it will be transformed. Especially if we get rid of the sodding palm tree that Gavin planted – anyone know how much a tree surgeon costs?

Spent a couple of hours when we got home getting stuck in – between us, we removed the huge fern, grubbed up most of the yellow poppies and other unidentified general Stuff. The composter is now officially full, and there are two more containers of garden waste to dispose of. Pete also cleared out all the weeds that are growing between the paving slabs – this is an endless task, so we’re going to plant some thyme between the cracks. He popped over to deal with Starksy, while I swept and tidied up, and did the watering, then we had pasta with mushrooms for supper, and slumped in front of Julie and Julia – didn’t finish it, but I think the Julia bits are much better so far.

Not sleeping well due to the heat, and we have Pete’s mum’s funeral in Sussex this week.