weekend 21/22 august 2010

the Kestrel plantI cycled off into town at 9 a.m. to go and be Polite to O2, who had pissed around for four days attempting to port my SIM info from old phone to new – ’twas a lovely morning, and I went and returned via the long way round. And the phone started working 2 hours later, which is just as well, as I shipped off the old one to its new home that morning.

After that, we set out for Castle Howard, an extremely stately home. I only had the iPhone with me (I’m currently between cameras, having sold my SLR and a big lens), so it was an interesting experience to use it as my only camera – it works really quite well once you learn how it functions. Set here on Flickr.

We came home via Malton, a lovely market town, and bought Yorkshire bacon and sausages and *huge* eggs for a Sunday brunch, and some bits from the bakery too. Nice day out.

Sunday was quite domestic; I did an 11 mile cycle before breakfast (!), then we went to Sainsburys and Waitrose for comestibles for Summer Camp (first time I’ve been to either* since we moved here!), did a mountain of ironing while watching A Man for All Seasons, once of my favourite films. Pete went out for a bike ride himself during the afternoon.

So not overly exciting, but there you go. Summer Camp on Thursday – hurrah!