were you up for Portillo?

I was, and although I’ve never voted Labour in my life, and I can be pretty sure I never will, I heard the song in 1997, and I thought yes, things can only get better.

How wrong I was – things have got a lot worse. Labour have systematically whittled away at our privacy,  our citizens’ rights, our justice system, our economy; they’ve taken us into an illegal war, they’ve presided over a banking system run amok, and now they’re busy telling us how wonderful things will be if we re-elect them.

But why didn’t they make things wonderful during the past 13 years?

I don’t trust Cameron, and his compassionate Conservatism, and his Big Society. Johann Hari has said it all better than I can – read it here. This is what lies ahead if the Tories win, and I fear they will.

I will vote LibDem, not because of Cleggmania, but because I always have voted Liberal, since I was first able to vote in 1972. Amazingly, I live in a constituency – Hull North – where we might actually see a real shift from Labour, and I hope Denis Healy (yes, really!) gets elected tomorrow.

I shall be sat in front of the television all night, hoping to $deity that the Conservatives don’t win an outright majority; even bloody Labour would be better, and I still can’t believe I’m saying that.

And this year’s perfect Portillo moment would be? Oh, so many to choose from.  Ed Balls would be perfect, Hazel Blears too, Harriet Harman quite acceptable, but any will do. The more the merrier – bring it on!

I agree with Nick.

Now don’t forget to vote tomorrow.

One thought on “were you up for Portillo?”

  1. The Portiloo moment: Yup, saw it. But the reason it was so significant (and satisfying) was that the man as he was then was so arrogant, along with his party, that it was a pleasure to see them scythed done so effectively.

    Problem is a Harman/Blears/Balls moment will bring both our worst fears a little closer. Not quite the same thing.

    I could happily vote Labour or LibDem but can never envision a situation in which I could vote Tory.

    Am off to vote the now!

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