why do I never write anything here any more?

Because it’s quicker and easier to put it on Facebook, I guess. So here’s a status update.

We had a splendid visit from daughter and grandToad at the end of October; did lots: beach, The Deep, fish shopping, etc.

The bathroom now has the shower in, and it’s splendid.

I am just, I think/hope, starting to recover from a vile cold which has flattened me since  the beginning of the month.

We just went up to vote for the ridiculous Police Commissioner wossname. Here in Humberside, the esteemed Lord Prescott is once again trying to shove his snout in the public trough; I was minded to not vote at all, and spoil my paper but, you know, it just felt *wrong*, somehow. So I voted for Simone, the LibDem candidate, with the least loony of the independent candidates as second choice.

We went to see Skyfall; it was brill. We went also to see Fascinating Aida, who were also brill. And Celtarabia, who are always fab. We are going to see Show of Hands next week, and [waves tickets elatedly] Bill Bailey in May next year.

I put the laundry out this morning; it hangs there, sullenly – there is no breeze, and the air is damp. I don’t know why I bothered (although a smidgen of blue sky is appearing as I type this). There were 22 almost, but not quite, identical black socks in the wash; Pete can sort them, as they’re mostly his.

I want a new kittin, and Pete won’t let me have one.

Here endeth this update.