a new phrase for the list

perlmonger and I have a standard set of phrases which we recite to news items – things like, oh, the mistaken shooting of people who unsportingly turned out not to be terrorists or, as last night, the spokesperson from Stoke Mandeville on the story about the infections there, to name a couple of examples.

it goes thus:

  • mistakes were made
  • lessons have been learned
  • it’s time to move on

here’s a new one, culled from Home Office minister Joan Ryan, on the outrageous increase in passport fees, taking them from £42 last October, to £66 this October (wish I could impose a price rise like that on my customers):

  • a price that must be paid

I’m damn glad I renewed my passport five years early in August of last year, so it’s a price *I* won’t be paying for a while …

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