an order …

… has gone to Amazon this morning for the Alan Bleasdale boxed set.

this is because, for some obscure reason, and presumably because it *knew* how much I was looking forward to watching episode 5 of G.B.H. last night, the Tivo failed to change the channel, and so recorded 1.5 hours of *ITV* [shudder] on Saturday night while we were at ccomley‘s most excellent party (see perlmonger‘s post for most details on that).

while I was Amazonning, I decided to order the rather fine Richard Thompson: 1000 Years of Popular Music – I’m quite a fan of Mr T, and sbisson (I think it was) recommended it to me most highly at the weekend.

Amazon said it was in stock, let me put it in the basket, let me enter my new credit card details, and *then* told me it wasn’t in stock after all – although the page still says it is. So disappointment there. I fear it’s going to be a bad week …

3 thoughts on “an order …”

  1. 1000 years is great – do you have the RT box set as well? – great stuff because there’s minimal overlap with his albums, so for people just getting into his work (like me!) there’s a load of versions of great songs, but there’s still all the original albums to discover – and for more experienced RT fans there’s just loads of new versions of stuff they already love!

    1. I certainly do have the box set, including the sixth CD that you had to send off for separately.

      [consults iTunes]
      210 items 16.6 hours 1.99Gb of Mr Thompson

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