3 thoughts on “this'll keep us out of mischief for a while”

  1. Having just watched series one of Murder One my wife and I are up to episode 5 of GBH, watching an episode an evening. Fantastic.

    Now, if only someone will release the Monocled Mutineer on DVD.

    1. I never saw that … but when I’ve worked my way through this lot, I’ll get Boys from the Black Stuff; has never seen that either.

      in fact, the list of things he’s never seen is amazing.

      1. Boys from the Blackstuff is highly recommended. Network has also released Scully – a drama Bleasdale did just after Blackstuff. It is reviewed in this week’s Radio Times. The Monocled Mutineer featured Paul McGann and was the story of Percy Topliss. Topliss was part of a family story repeated in my house many times before the show (I’ll put something on my LJ about it in due course) and so I always had a special affection for the series.

        > the list of things he’s never seen is amazing.

        One of the people I work with doesn’t have a tuned-in television. A former colleague sends her videos of top quality programmes he’s watched.

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