bloody Easyjet

off to Glasgow in May, as per earlier message. Easyjet‘ s prices are cheap, but their site is horrible.

they don’t clean the credit/debit card number, so if it has spaces in when you cut and paste it, it will silently drop the last three digits, then fail the authorisation. Then it tells you to back and correct it, but the javascript doesn’t reload properly. Pah.

and *then*, it will charge a surcharge for credit card use, or a lesser one for debit card use; FFS – it’s an *online payment* system. How else can we pay? That’s just dishonest, and I hate it. And lets not touch on the airport tax – I bet it’s not really a conveniently round tenner a person.

bastards. But still, Glasgow here we come 🙂

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  1. I thought it was only credit cards Easyjet charged for? I think they are one of the cheapest for airport taxes – I know in the end they work out cheaper than BMI generally, even thugh BMI’s fares are advertised as lower. Still, all swings and roundabouts I reckon!

    1. no, they definitely charge for debit card use – £4.95 for c/card, or – I think – £1.something for the debit card.

      living in Bristol, we don’t get a lot of choice of which cheap airline to fly …

      1. That’s absolutely outrageous. The cost to them of a Credit card is say, 5% of the transaction. The cost to them of a debit card is 40p. To charge as much as they’re doing warrants a referral to Trading Standards.

  2. I’ve just booked two flights with Germanwings.
    For one return journey, the flights cost €55. With tax and credit/debit card booking fee the total was €120!
    Oh, and I had to pay €5 ‘admin fee’ to join their frequent flyer club.
    Still cheaper than BA though.

  3. Which sites won’t accept cardnumberswithoutspaces?

    I’m fine with the various card charges. Yes, they all cost, but having a single charge of a quid for all your purchases is better than having all fares increased by a quid in case you’re only buying a single flight.

    AIUI, airport tax isn’t a tax, it’s a charge passed onto travellers. There are taxes, but there are also charges and they should distinguish between the two.

    I’d be happier if the fares quoted during the booking process included them from the start.

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